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Universal Software Oscilloscope Library 2.8.0
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File Size: 3.5 Mb

Universal Software Oscilloscope Library 2.8.0

Requirements:IBM PC Pentium 1 (one), 32 Mb of RAM.
Install:No Install Support
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Publisher's Description:

Universal Software Oscilloscope Library - Universal oscilloscope GUI ( Real-time plot ) DLL library for data acquisition, simulation, debugging.


1.Speedy performance: the library makes it possible to bring out into the beams of the viewing oscilloscope over a million quantization steps of signal per second (on the Pentium III machine) – thus less than one micro-second is enough for one discreet. This software can be used for linking to real-time controlling programs as longer delays in relay of data to the oscilloscope don’t occur. The relayed data is instantly displayed in beams, the process of their relay and display is deterministic. It works regardless of the signal relay speed.

2. Versatility. Convenient integration with any applied software: viewing oscilloscope is executed as a DLL exporting only 9 functions, of which 4 are usually enough to work with.

3. A good graphic interface: an instance of a viewing oscilloscope created by this library looks like a separate window, entirely independent of the program which activated it. This window contains all elements typical for a control panel of a real oscilloscope.

4. Convenient data export-import: data already realised in the oscilloscope beams can easily be transferred to other programs via clipboard (copy - paste) in textual form or via the saved text file. In such form data can be easily imported into most electronic table kinds of programs, as well as into programs of the Matlab type. The oscilloscope also allows to quickly load such data file into its beams.

5. Reliable and robust: this library employs only the most basic Windows API functions and reliably works in all versions of 32-bit Windows starting from the first 95 version. We tested and practically confirmed the possibility of relay of data to this oscilloscope directly from the computer’s hardware interrupt procedure (IRQ) and from any kind of anisochronous thread - which is important.

List of Changes:

Version 2.6.0 from 2008-03-12


Universal oscilloscope GUI DLL library

Download Now
File Size: 3.5 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Wmalkosh 2011-03-01 16:33:19 #
Version: 2.8.0

I not know which port is used for this application. It is possible use my sound card (integrated in MotherBoard) as input device?
This application not determine which is input device . But it is interest soft for programmer. I create soft for pulse induction metall detector (hammerhead project) using sound card as input device. But maximum sample rate my sound card is 44KHz. So is small value. Quantation period must be < 1 microsecond for my project. I not know how is the mentioned period in your software.
I must learn your soft and application.
Thank You
I. Wus

Scicos 2010-10-21 01:35:51 #
Version: 2.8.0

thank for this ware

Victor Gertenbach 2009-09-24 14:33:11 #
Version: 2.8.0

Looks fine. Actual/operational usage postponed. I'll inform you later on after experience.

Vidvranjek 2009-09-23 16:49:49 #
Version: 2.8.0

Its kinda complicated, confusing...

It does not have enough information what some botton does. Does it really read from the sound card or what??? I wanted a good application to use my sound card as an oscilloscope, but this one...I have no idea what it does. But you want to me to further cooperate with this project you can send me emails with new versions or whatsoever. Thanks for... doing stuff that are free... or what?

Auroralopez 2009-08-13 13:21:43 #
Version: 2.8.0


This is a wonderfull scop software but I would like to know from which port should I connect the pc one of the com ports one of the lpt ports or one of the usb port and what kind of software should I add on on order to interface it to the pc if requiered
Please mail your answer to my mailbox; auroralopez at jeovanny.

Wongmld 2009-05-14 00:07:47 #
Version: 2.6.0

pretty cool software. Slightly difficult to install. Compatibility with VISTA yet to be tested.

Plantloverenator 2009-04-28 18:10:59 #
Version: 2.6.0

Great software. Although I could not find out how to get an input..

Ashoksalhan 2008-07-16 23:06:50 #
Version: 2.6.0

Another one

I am not a programmer myself. Passed on the software to my team. They liked it. Thanks for putting up this nice library for the users. I would like to comment further once we use the program more thoroughly
Thanks again

Neil.farrow 2008-05-23 10:20:56 #
Version: 2.6.0


Probably a good product but I wanted instant functionality for a one off use and achieved this with realtime analyzer

Download Now
File Size: 3.5 Mb